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Reverse Osmosis 3 Stage Countertop (with Pi Alkaliser)

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Reverse Osmosis 3 Stage Countertop (with Pi Alkaliser)

Fluoride free oxygenated, mineral rich alkaline water - when kitchen space is limited - ideal for caravansdiy-.jpg

This simple, compact design, can  be installed on your benchtop and connected to you faucet by means of a chrome diverter, together with joiner to allow the unit to be disconnected and stored if and when required. diverter1.jpg
The diverter does not interrupt the flow of normal cold and hot water and remains attached to the tap.

  • Includes oxygenating, alkalising and remineralising cartridge to add calcium, magnesium, potassium and trace minerals for good health
  • Designed to detach easily and store in cupboard when not required. 
  • Weight of approx. 2 kilos, simply detach and take with you when you travel. 
  • Specifications - 33cms. long x 12 cms. high
  • Available with optional spout for collection of pure water
  • Includes 5 micron chlorine and sediment removal cartridge, Dow Filmtec 75ppd membrane and Purestream Pi-Alkaline cartridge. ALSO AVAILABLE WITH MINERALISER ONLY
  • Includes exclusive membrane flushing service mode to remove any crystalization in membrane and maintain water purity
  • Option of low pressure membrane to be used in caravans with 12 volt davey pump.
Manufacturer Omnipure
Description Removes 92% - 98% Fluoride. Includes chlorine pre filter, 300 litre a day membrane and final oxygenating, remineralising and alkalising cartridge to provide a pH of 9 - 9.5. Weight 2 kilos, includes membrane flushing mode to ensure continued purity of water.
System Size 33W x 12H cm
Service Life 12 Months/ 3 800 Litres
Replacement Cartridges CP-ROSS-PI