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Wallmount Portable Reverse Osmosis - Removes 96-98% Fluoride

When kitchen space is limited, can be installed in the laundry

This unit is usually installed on a shelf in the laundry. Connection to your water supply is with a 3/4" adaptor which is installed between your cold water tap and hose. A ball valve allows you to direct water to your unit as required. Your pure drinking water is easily collected in sterile containers and stored in the refrigerator.


  • US made QMP standard 10" (9 3/4") Housings, independently tested (test report: TT993-B) and certified to Australian Standards AS3497.
  • Genuine Filmtec TFC 75 gpd membrane, 300 litres per day or 10-12 litres per hour to ensure pure water quality - more than sufficient for most families.
  • Low waste, membrane flushing service mode eliminates contaminant service-mode1.jpg
    build-up to ensure pure water with a waste ratio of 1 litre of pure water to 1.5 litre of waste.
  • Water pressure gauge to monitor incoming water pressure and cartridge flow.
  • Complete with all food grade tubing, 1/4" John Guest push fittings, chrome tap connectors, exclusive DIY Membrane Flushing Service Mode, installation manual for easy installation, cartridge spanner and cupboard door reminder.

To Alkalise or Mineralise?

Also available with the option to include a remineralising cartridge or remineralising/alkalising and oxygenating cartridge.

The differences between the pi-alkaliser and mineraliser are as follows:


  • Raises the pH to about 9.0-9.5
  • Remineralises the water
  • Oxygenates the water


  • Raises the pH to about 7.0-7.5
  • Remineralises the water


  1. The pH of a standard RO is slightly acidic, at about 6.5.
  2. The mineraliser cannot oxygenate the water because the property which oxygenates the water also has an alkalising effect.