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Kwik Twist Cartridge Pack Undersink Triple (Heavy Metal)

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Kwik Twist Cartridge Pack Undersink Triple (Heavy Metal)

kt9-3hm-sm.jpgTo suit Kwik Twist Undersink Triple for Heavy Metal Removal, including Copper. 12 monthly replacement.

KT9-S -  1 micron sediment filter to remove minute impurities such as rust, soil, sand and dust and extends life of other filters.
KT9-UF - 0.3 micron Ultra Filtration Hollow Fibre Membrane for removal of Viruses, Bacteria, Giardia and Crytosporidium Parasites.
KT9-KDF - KDF for the removal of chlorine, copper, mercury, lead, magnesium and hydrogen sulphate.

RECOMMENDED - To ensure mineralised, oxygen rich alkaline water to assist in the elimination of free radials and maintain and healthy immune system, we recommend the addition of the Alka - Mag Water Filter, which is replaced every 12 - 18 months, maximum 2 years.  For more information Click Here

Check installation manual for replacement instruction  or go to our How To page on our website

Colour coded and swing arm function for easy cartridge replacement. Includes sediment pre filter, 0.3 Ultra Filtration for removal of Bacteria, E-coli and Giardia parasites and KDF media as final filter for removal of chlorine, chemical contaminants and heavy metals including copper, lead, mercury iron.