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Water Filters Australia

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration at Wholesale Prices DIRECT to the public.


Holiday Office Hours

NB: Whilst our office will be closed during the pubic holidays, online orders will still be taken, and processed for prompt delivery.

8:30am - 5.00pm AEST Monday to Friday

  • Monday 26 December (closed)
  • Tuesday 27 December (closed)
  • Wednesday 28 December (open)
  • Thursday 29 December (open)
  • Friday 30 December (closed)
  • Monday 2 January (closed)
  • Tuesday 3 January (open)

Closed weekends and public holidays

Our warehouse is not open to the public.


We sell premium Australian and American water filters alkaline water filters, reverse osmosis water filters, shower filters, water chillers, fridge filters, house filters, motorhome and caravan filters. Backed by 23 years hands-on experience in the water filter industry and a lifetime warranty.

Involved in the water filter industry since 1990, we offer all consumers an honest, comprehensive overview of water filtration to allow you to make the right decision for your needs.logo-watermark1.jpg

All Purestream products have been tested, certified and awarded the  Australian Water Mark Standard.  For more information 

The following information will allow you to better asses the important issues involved in water filtration and ensure you do not pay too much for what you do not need.