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All Purestream 'Kwik Twist' TM cartridges are 12 monthly replacement.  They have been introduced into the Purestream range to simplify cartridge replacement.  These throw away cartridges require no spanners and are a simple twist and lock action.  They are available in cartridge pak form to make ordering simplier.  If individual cartridges are required they can be located in their different categories, sediment, carbon etc.

Instructions for cartridges change are also included in our How To section. kt9-head3.jpg

Benefits include:  

  • Premium system tested and WGA certified to ANSI/NSF Standards 58 for performance class
  • Colour coded cartridges and swing arm function make for easy cartridge replacement.
  • No tools, no drips, no effort - Replacement of complete housing and cartridges ensures no contamination
  • Automatic shut-off occurs if filter cartridges are disconnected preventing water leakage
  • 10 Year Warranty