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Water Purification FAQs

Why is there such a difference between prices of water filters?

The saying – ‘you get what you pay for’ does not necessary apply with water filters. Some companies have telemarketers, high overheads etc, the costs of which have to be passed on to the consumer, making the product expensive without any relevance to the quality of the unit. Also cheaper Asian product is not always labelled as such and some distributors do not elaborate on the origin of the product.

Purestream backs all our products with a lifetime warranty (except the Kwik Twist range, which is 10 years), not 3 or 5 years, as a show of confidence in the quality of our product. I am often asked ‘why are Purestream products so inexpensive’. Truth is I operate a residential office, showroom and warehouse, own the business with no telemarketers or salesmen, so overheads are minimised which allows Purestream to provide the very best product at wholesale prices.

How long will it take for my product to be delivered?

We have a substantial stock holding and look to overdeliver with products sometimes shipped on day of order. Our shipping policy is 5 -7 days from order, with delivery on the Eastern Seaboard up to 5-7 days and shipments to WA being up to 7-9 business days.

Can I take my undersink unit with me if I move home?

Yes. Simply disconnect the chrome isolation connection to disconnect the unit. Regarding the hole in the top of the sink, simply contact Purestream and we will send out a stainless steel faucet cover, which will cover the hole. The unit can then be reinstalled in your new home.

Why is the water cloudy after changing the filter?

This is air trapped inside the housing and mixing with the water. This can be eliminated with your undersink by ensuring the faucet tap is open when turning water on to allow air to escape prior to the water flow. With your countertop, simply hold the top of the housing lower than the spout to allow the water to fill from the top, pushing the air out through the chrome spout.