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For Bacteria, E.coli, pathogen and cyst removal

rainwater-tank.pngWith rising water costs more and more consumers are looking to utilise their rain water for drinking purposes.  Unfortunately with the possibility of birds, possums and other wide life faeces and remains being deposited on collection areas, all contributing pathogens including cholera, salmonella and the intestinal parasite Giardia we do not recommend carbon filtration, as this provides a wet warm environment for dangerous bacteria to grow.

The Coldstream Ultra Carb Ceramic is UK manufacturer with a ceramic outer skin rated to 0.5 micron to ensure no contaminants pass through. It's unique carbon centre with carbon and ion exchange will also remove any pesticide chemicals and heavy metals, including lead, copper etc. as well as ensuring great tasting water.

A 1 micron pre filter to remove any sediment etc is essential, to ensure the ultra-fine ceramic carbon does not become clogged. If necessary this pre filter should be changed every 6 months.

The Ceramic Ultra Carb is scrubbable to remove any build-up of sediment or biofilm.

Ultra Violet - this can be added to the tank water filter, however the water must be very clean to ensure maximum penetration from the uv rays to kill any bacteria. As a personal note, in 22 years, I have never sold a UV system and have found the use of the Ultra Carb, with regular replacement of the pre filter to ensure most of the sediment is removed to allow the Ultra Carb to do its job of bacteria and cyst removal.

As the Ultra Carb is a 0.5 micron absolute, a good water pressure is required so attention to voltage of pressure pump is required.

A 0.5 micron pre filter is also available to remove additional sediment from the water.


If using the rain water for house water, we would recommend a whole house incorporating a pleated sediment cartridge to protect appliances from the abrasive effects of sand and sediment. See House Filters