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Portable – easy to install, no plumber required

Carbon filtration for the removal of all chemicals, chlorine, lead and giardia parasites.

Will not remove Fluoride.

Our premium range of countertop Water Filters is comprehensive and designed to simplify the decision-making process. All units come complete with stainless steel parts and the choice of a spring loaded diverter or more heavy duty lever action.

A range of cartridges is available to suit most circumstances. To help you choose the right cartridge for your unit review our product guide.

  • USA made QMP Housings tested to Aust/NZ Standards 3497.
  • Chrome inlet barb and chrome automatic return diverter.
  • Portable – easy to install – take your water filter with you when you leave.
  • Unlike bottled water, chlorine is removed from water, just prior to drinking, ensuring no bacteria presence.
  • No bottles or containers to throw away.
  • Wide range of replacement water filter cartridges.