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Motorhome & Caravan Water Filters

How to get clean, safe and great tasting drinking water wherever you may roam.


As more and more consumers take to the road to enjoy a better lifestyle, or even a weekend away, the need for safe water to ensure a long and healthy experience has never been more important. Whether you are planning on going offroad, bush camping or keeping to the main roads, the quality of water is unknown. Cryptosproidium, giardia, bacteria, pesticides, pesticides, aluminium, lead, asbestos ... are all contaminants that could be present in the water you are accessing.

Rivers especially need to take care as they often travel through areas where the only water source may be a nearby creek bed. Therefore, water filtration is a must for all caravans or RV's traveller exploring this great country. The good news is they're easy to install, maintain and use.

While there are many different systems available a simple twin unit that filters all water going into the storage tank and utilizes the mains pressure of the caravan park allows you to use premium cartridges that will remove parasites and give your chlorine free shower water. This also takes unneecessary strain on your water pump.

The Purestream Caravan Twin unit has a 3/4" inlet and outlet to allow a good flow and also to accommodate standard hose fittings (included) The unit is can be fitted to the outisde of the caravan and removed when travelling or located under the caravan. Your Purestream unit includes standard 9 3/4" cartridges that are accessible throughout Australia, although most of our clients order from us and have the cartridges delivered to a post office in the next area they are visiting.

Some cartidges will deliver the cleanest water, but need sufficient water pressure to do the job - something to be aware of if you've only got a creek bed handy. Others will only remove sediment and bad taste, but are simple and easy to use anywhere.

For all chlorinated water sources we recommend the use of a 0.4 micron USA manufacture cartridge, with a 1 micron sediment pre filter to ensure your carbon filter delivers maximum capacity. If you anticipate accessing water from a creek or unchlorinated water supply we recommend the use of a Doulton Ultra Carb which removes bacteria, e-coli and any dangerous pathagens that could be in water. This cartridge is interchangable.

For long periods of non-use we recommend removing the cartridges and allowing them to dry out. Wrap them in a tea towel and store in a drawer. We do not recommend storing them wet in a plastic bag in the refrigerator as mould can develop.


With fluoride becoming a concern with more and more consumers, Purestream has design a 3 stage Portable Reverse Osmosis ideal for removing fluoride. Compact, weighing just 2 kilos, it comes with a joiner to allow you to disconnect the unit and store in a cupboard or drawer when travelling.