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Pi Alkaline Water Filters High Energy Ionized Water

Purestream Reverse Osmosis units incorporating an Alkaline Filter include:alkaline-test1.jpgCountertop Reverse OsmosisPortable Reverse Osmosis 

Undersink Reverse Osmosis incorporate the Alkaline Filter as an option.


All Purestream Alkaline Waters have been designed as an add-on to existing carbon undersink and reverse osmosis units or as a complete Alkaline Water Filter system to provide oxygen rich alkaline water to improve circulation, increase mental alertness and strengthen the immune system


The ability to enhance the health properties of water using natural ore volcanic minerals provides an easy and convenient means to keep healthy. All Purestream Alkaline filters contain oxygenating and alkalising ceramics.

All Purestream Pi Alkaline Water Filters have been formulated in conjunction with a highly regarded Science Technology Co. located in China, who, in conjunction with a number of universities, is involved in the research, development and manufacture of ecological healthy ceramic materials, specifically for water treatment.