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    30 Day money back guarantee

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    25+ Years Experience

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Terms & Conditions

Product Warranty

All Purestream Water Filters systems (except the Kwik Twist range) are backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing workmanship defects on all housings. Purestream Water Filters provides a 12 month warranty only on tubing, fittings, faucets and tanks as these are subject to water conditions and wear and tear.

This warranty is conditional upon the annual purchase from Purestream Water Filters of replacement cartridges and other components to ensure correct operation of the water filter unit.

We guarantee the continual operation of your Purestream Water Filters housing, more specifically your undersink unit, that it will not crack or split under mains pressure because Purestream Water Filters will not sell an undersink water filter that does not meet mandatory burst pressures or include Australian Standards Approved fittings.

Should some of the wearing parts, not covered under warranty, i.e. faucet for your housings or diverter for your Countertop, need replacement they are available for purchase from our website.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee to fully refund your purchase price,within 30 DAYS OF PURCHASE if the unit is not suitable or you have a change of mind. Please see our Shipping and Returns page for further details.

We guarantee peace of mind that your Purestream Water Filters system will give you safe, clean good tasting water easily and economically, whether it sits on the sink, or is installed under the bench.

Your tea and coffee will taste better, without the added flavour of chlorine, even your vegetables cooked in filtered water will have more flavour. And your children will start to enjoy clean filtered water, eliminating the need for costly and not always healthy, soft drinks and other alternatives.

Payment Options

Purestream Water Filters offer payment options by credit card of Visa or Mastercard as well as PayPal. Bank Deposit is also available with Bank Details - Westpac Bank BSB 032 090 ACC 219474, as well as cheque.

No additional charge on credit card transactions is incurred as we accept any merchant charge as the cost of doing business.

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