• Free Delivery

    Free Delivery

  • 30 Day money back guarantee

    30 Day money back guarantee

  • 25+ Years Experience

    25+ Years Experience

  • Australian Owned and Operated

    Australian Owned and Operated


Purestream Water Filters is committed to ensuring customers have the right knowledge to ensure they make the right choice, and not be confused by outlandish or scaremongering claims. We back up this commitment to our customers with our extensive, 'peace of mind' Warranty, 100% Money Back Guarantee, Reminder Service and comprehensive fitting instructions to enable the handyman to install Purestream systems. We are also only a phone call away if you need advice when changing cartridges or any other technical issue.

We are here to help. Additional information includes How To's on installation, sizing of units to ensure they fit and many more.

The Company

Purestream Water Filters is owned and operated by Australians. Originally involved in the health industry, It was one of the first businesses to foresee the need for safe, clean water in response to the decreasing water quality throughout Australia. Since entering the domestic water filtration market in 1990, Purestream Water Filters has sold over 400,000 water filters under the Purestream brand.

In an industry where some companies engender fear of poor quality products, Purestream Water Filters chooses to offer a select range of premium products to make the buying decision less confusing. These products are offered at wholesale prices and an extensive 'peace of mind' guarantee of performance. This guarantee is provided because of our 24 years success in the water industry, which saw Purestream Water Filters the major water filter retailer educating both consumers and distributors in water filtration.

We also understand the confusion that may exist when selecting the right filter for your needs and offer a FREE REPORT that will give a frame of reference to ensure you choose the right product for your needs.


All Purestream Water Filters housings are USA manufactured because of quality and proven long term reliability. With our extensive peace of mind Warranty it would be bad business practice to offer anything but the best.logo-watermark2.jpg

  • Certified and fully tested to AS/NZS/IS9002 and Australian Plumbing
    Standard MP52, Our products are also built and tested in Australia. More Info 
  • Made with high quality food grade plastic
  • All plumbing fittings are chrome and are Australian Standards approved.
  • Housings carry a lifetime warranty against manufactures defect
  • Come complete with warranty details, fitting instructions and where applicable contaminant removal specifications.
  • Water Filter cartridges Australian manufacture or American where applicable and independently tested.

Our range of Purestream Water Filters cartridges is comprehensive. We do not have carbon cartridge manufacturers in Australia. Some companies may import the carbon logs, break them down and add their own caps.

We do not offer a seemingly endless range, bulked up with cheaper, below par Asian products, as this can be confusing. We have chosen the very best in the micron range and offer them at a reasonable valve price point, knowing they are the best available.

Product Pricing

All Purestream Water Filters products are manufactured exclusively for us providing the very best direct pricing.

  • Minimum overheads and no sales commissions, backs up our guarantee to better any equivalent product price every time!
  • Cost of freight throughout Australia is included in all water filters $75.00 and over.
  • All orders under $75.00 attract a $15.00 freight charge.

Cartridge Reminder Service

reminder.jpgLet us do the remembering for you .. and send you a timely reminder when your cartridge is due for replacement

We all lead busy lives, with a host of things to remember... birthdays, anniversaries, appointments etc. When you water filter cartridge is due to be replaced is one hassle we would like to help you with and do the remembering for you, as well as providing them at the very best wholesale price!

When cartridges reach saturation they can 'unload' large amounts of contaminants, including Chlorine, bacteria and even Giardia, back into your drinking water.

To avoid saturation and 'unloading risks' all Purestream Water Filter customers, will be eligible to receive a courtesy reminder email, to ensure they continue to receive clean, safe drinking water.

Whether you purchase a new Purestream Water Filter or even a cartridge, every 12 months, depending on your cartridge type, your reminder email will contain details of Code Nos for replacement cartridges, together with a direct link to the order form to make the whole process simple and hassle free.