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An investment in the future of your home - PROTECT YOUR VALUED ASSETS

Millions of sand, rust, dirt and asbestos particles litter your water supply and damage expensive appliances like your washing machine and dishwasher leading to expensive repairs. Even your clothes and fine dinnerware can be damaged by 'dirty water'.

The Purestream Whole House Water Filter simply attaches to the outside of your home and is installed inline on your main water supply, usually after outside taps to provide clean filtered water to each single water source in the home including shower, laundry, toilet, bathroom and kitchen sink.

Removing all Chlorine from your house water also has health benefits by eliminating dangerous chlorine vapour from your shower, washing water etc. which can aggrivate asthma and bronchitis sufferers.

Because of high flow rates 30 - 40 litres a minute to supply hot water systems, etc, the Purestream Whole House Water Filter will not remove pesticide, insectides and other dangerous volatile chemicals. It is recommend that additional filtration, i.e. Countertop or Undersink unit be installed to ensure contaminant free drinking water.

For consumers on chlorinated mains pressure, a single unit incorporating a 5 micron carbon cartridge will ensure all chlorine is removed from house water, often eliminating the need for shower and bath filters, as long as the cartridge is changed regularly. Excellent for consumers who have allergies or skin irritations, more importantly eliminates harmful chlorine vapours from entering the body.

For tank water requirement, when dirt and sediment is a problem, then a single unit incorporating a 10micron pleated sediment filter will ensure clean water, with the added advantage of being able to regenerate the filter by washing off excess dirt. We do not recommend the use of carbon on tank water as carbon provides a wet, warm environment for bacteria to multiply. Silver impregnated carbon will prevent the bacteria from growing, however it is recommended to treat drinking water at the kitchen sink with a bacteria removal unit. see Undersink.