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Whole House Big Blue Twin 10" x 4.5" (Sediment & Chlorine removal)

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Whole House Big Blue Twin 10" x 4.5" (Sediment & Chlorine removal)

Big Blue 10" x 4.5" Twin housing

For consumers on chlorinated mains pressure, a twin unit incorporating a quality sediment filter and 5 micron carbon cartridge will ensure maximum sediment and chlorine is removed from house water, in some cases eliminating the need for shower filters etc.

Excellent for consumers who have allergies or skin irritations, more importantly eliminates harmful chlorine vapours from entering the body.

It is documented that consumers ingest 8 times more chlorine through inhalation and skin absorption of  chlorine during showering.

This unit is installed on the outside of the house, or in a high set situation in a garage on the mains pressure cold water line ideally after the garden taps.

The unit has a 3/4" inlet and outlet facility. If installing on older homes where rusting pipes could create sediment in water, a house pre filter is recommend.


This heavy duty housing stands approx 460 mm high with pressure release valve. Complete with C-77L Sediment & C-76L 5 micron USA manufacture 10" x 4.5" carbon block cartridge. Includes heavy duty steel bracket, screws and cartridge spanner for easy maintenance. Replace 12 monthly