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    30 Day money back guarantee

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    25+ Years Experience

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    Australian Owned and Operated

Purestream Water Filters

The Company

Purestream Water Filters is owned and operated by Australians. Originally involved in the health industry, it was one of the first businesses to foresee the need for safe, clean water in response to the decreasing water quality throughout Australia. Since entering the domestic water filtration market in 1990, Purestream Water Filters has sold over 400,000 water filters under the Purestream brand.

In an industry where some companies engender fear of poor quality products, Purestream Water Filters chooses to offer a select range of premium products to make the buying decision less confusing. These products are offered at wholesale prices, and with an extensive 'peace of mind' guarantee of performance. This guarantee is provided because of our 25+ years success in the water industry, which saw Purestream Water Filters the major water filter retailer educating both consumers and distributors in water filtration.


Adding Wellness to Water

We do not claim to be the only supplier of premium products in Australia, that would be arrogant and disrespectful to those who offer good products and services to their customers. What we do offer is the benefit of 25+ years in the water industry and a commitment to great products, excellent customer support, with our yearly Email Reminder Service, back up technical advice, and an extensive warranty, ensuring peace of mind.

Our website is informative and designed to empower consumers with the knowledge they need, so they can compare apples with apples, and distinguish sales hype from the important facts. Our Water Filter Facts - will provide you with knowledge to know what to ask.

No-one wants to be sold anything, rather we want to enter the buying process with the knowledge to make the right decision. Unfortunately a lot of claims are made by sellers with limited information as to how and why. An example of this is the use of Activated Alumina for Fluoride removal.

Purestream does not recommend this method of Fluoride removal, however recognise a consumer's right to choose given the right information. Under Fluoride Removal you will find all methods of Fluoride Removal. However, when fluoride removal is recommended by any other method than reverse osmosis, we suggest that the question asked of the seller, is "How is this removed?". Be informed, and ask the question; it is your health.

Our range of models is comprehensive. We appreciate the complexities of water filtration and, as such, we keep our product range limited to premium products only. This ensures the customer's decision is not complicated by numerous models all doing the same thing, albeit with minor modifications (the K.I.S.S. principle).

Our comprehensive warranty on your product ensures you only receive premium components and, after 25+ years in the industry, it is a testimony that a large percentage of our business is referral - satisfied customers recommending our products to their family and friends.

Wholesale Prices

The dynamics of the internet allow us to operate from our main warehouse, without a retail showroom thereby minimising our overheads. We do not have company cars, expense accounts, large staff or commission salespeople - costs that have to be passed on to customers - allowing Purestream to offer warehouse direct pricing without compromising quality.

Customer Support

We assure new customers they can ring us, if they are unsure, when they complete their first cartridge change.

From time to time we will have customers with problems due to water conditions etc. What is important is immediate response with both technical knowledge and, when needed, replacement parts under warranty sent Express Post.