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Kwik Twist Membrane

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Kwik Twist Membrane

Please Note: You are eligible for an upgraded filtration systemPlease call us on 02 9458 1111 to talk with us about your options.

Please Note: KwikTwist Replacement Cartridges will no longer be retailed in 2022. 

KwikTwist Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter

Thin film composite Filmtec.

75gpd (gallons per day) Reverse Osmosis element.

NSF Component - tested and certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 58

Operation Conditions
- Flow rate : 50GPD or 75GPD
- Pressure : 40 ~ 125 PSI(2.8~8.78kgf/‹_Ê)
- Temperature : 34䋊 ~ 100䋊(1 ~ 38䋀)
- Function : RO membranes
- Flushing : 30 minutes
- Check valve is built in RO membrane filter and flow restrictor is added

- Service Life: 3 years

Suitable for domestic, commercial, industrial and food service applications.

NB: Install in cold water applications only