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Twin Undersink Water Filter

This premium heavy duty water filter system includes a 1 micron sediment pre filter and double filters the water to ensure maximum cartridge life for medium to large volume families.

It has the convenience of having the chrome faucet the only part of the unit visible. The faucet provides a separate access and does not interfere with the existing mixing faucet. Filtered water is drawn by merely turning the chrome handle. on the faucet.

  • High Quality QMP US made 10" (9 3/4") Housings, certified to Australian Standards AS3497.
  • Specifications: 32 cms high x 15cms wide x 14cms deep.
  • All cartridges standard 9¾" and certified by NSF International under ANS/NSF Standard 42 to remove all chemical by-products of chlorination and chloramination process.
  • Choice of 1/2" Tee Inline, ½" Flexible Hose or ¾" Dishwasher Plumbing fittings, all Australian Standards Approved.
  • Includes all chrome or brass fittings, including Apex Chrome Pressure Limiting Valve.
  • Complete with 2 metres food grade tubing, John Guest push fittings, and installation manual for easy installation & cartridge spanner.
  • Choice of Chrome Retro Disk Faucets (High Loop or Long Reach).
  • Comprehensive cartridge choice all USA or UK manufacture.