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Pi-Alkaline Cartridge (for RO Systems) - 2 year

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Pi-Alkaline Cartridge (for RO Systems) - 2 year

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    Excellent alkalized water

    Posted by Johnny on 8th May 2018

    Have seen other alkalizers that are non electric that can't come close to these results.

    Personally tested and can confirm the results they've quoted are true.
    Currently am receiving alkalized water coupled with the qwiktwist filter system that tastes amazing and light.

    Family member has a unit where they've paid $2000+ where it is only an reverse osmosis with alkaizer filter and the results nowhere near; pH 7.3, TDS 90 and ORP is +225

    Prepare for super alkaline water from Water Filters Australia... pH 9.3-9.5, TDS 35-65 and an ORP of -350 to -480!! Move over kangen water!