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Sprite High Output White (including Cartridge)

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Sprite High Output White (including Cartridge) (SH-87W)

This High Output Shower filter has a reversible filter cartridge with a one year capacity to remove the drying effects of Chlorine.  Can be used with existing shower arm. To install, simply remove your existing shower arm and attach the female end of the shower filter onto the male thread at the wall. shower2.jpg
The shower arm is then reconnected to the male thread on the exit of the shower filter. Quality USA housing.

Bonus Products - SAVE $$$$'S when ordered with water filter units


 BONUS CARTRIDGE - Extra shower cartridge for an additional 12 months supply


SAVE $10


ALKALINE WATER STICKS   - for people on the go.  Alkalised, oxygenated water, anywhere, anytime. Great for travel. Just leave the alkaline water stick in your water bottle, add tap or filtered water, shake vigorously and enjoy oxygenated, ionised water with a pH of 9 - 9.5


High Output Shower Filter 60,000 litres or 1 year capacity. Can be used with existing shower head.

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  • 5
    No smell

    Posted by Ruth on 7th Jan 2016

    It's amazing how used to the smell of chlorine we get. It's nice to shower in fresh smelling water, and the fact that my hair and skin are softer and less dry is brilliant. It also makes me happy to know my baby won't be exposed to as many chemicals as I have been all my life.

  • 5
    My hair feels great!

    Posted by Dana on 16th Sep 2015

    I bought the filter because I noticed the water in my new house was leaving my hair brittle and dry. I noticed a difference straight after the first shower I took - my hair and skin is much softer!
    Thank you!

  • 4
    Good Shower Filter

    Posted by Graham on 5th Feb 2015

    A good quality shower filter for a fair price