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Caravan Twin (with C-78X) - Municipal Water

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Caravan Twin  (with C-78X) - Municipal Water


Dimensions: 34H x 28W x 16D cm (approx)

Our twin caravan filters can be temporarily installed on the outside of the caravan to filter all water coming into your van, alternatively filtering all water coming into your storage tank.  This will ensure all showering and drinking water is free of Chlorine as well as dangerous Giardia and Cryptosporidium parasites.  The cartridges contained in the unit are 0.4 micron and require mains pressure to effectively filter the water.  For this reason we do not recommend installing inside the van as it would require considerable pressure from your pump.

If going offroad and the need to access water from a creek or dam, we recommend the use of a Doulton Ultra Carb to ensure no E.coli or bacteria.  As this unit takes standard 10" cartridges, interchanging cartridges is simple.    Alternatively we recommend having a supply of Chlorine tablets on hand, available from camping stores etc. to disinfect creek or dam water.  Using a large container disinfect the water, then pump water from container.

For long periods of non-use, we recommend removing the cartridges and allowing them to dry out, wrap them in a tea towel and store in a drawer.  We do not recommend storing wet in a plastic bag in the refrigerator, as mould can develop.

This Caravan twin comes with a 1 micron pre filter and a 1 micron absolute Omnipure Chemical and Giardia removal 12 month cartridge. Also included caravan fittings, plus cartridge spanner for easy cartridge replacement.

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    Caravan Twin

    Posted by Raymond Thomas Bond on 13th Dec 2021

    The filter units themselves appear to work well and are of a robust design and mounted on a stainless steel bracket.
    The plastic hose connectors supplied were of a poor quality and hard to seal into the inlet and outlet of the filter body as the threaded connection was tooo deep for the length of the fitting and even after adding washers to the openings there was still leakage. On trying to tighten the fitting was sheared and was replaced by a brass fitting that I purchased.
    So basically the company should be looking at a more suitable fitting for both sides that addresses the depth of the inlet and out let openings.
    Remember it is advertised as a Caravan Filter system and the connections should be more robust.

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    Caravan Duel Water Filter

    Posted by milton towns on 18th Jul 2016

    After getting off to a shaky start for delivery, due to eofy stock take, and contacting head office, all was delivered within 24 hours. Thank you. I think the water quality has improved 10 fold since installation. Again thank you, and a must product for your van.