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Reverse Osmosis 4 Stage Undersink Premium

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Previous Codes: 4USRO, ROUS4
Reverse Osmosis 4 Stage Undersink Premium







RECOMMENDED for its economical and easy cartridge change.  Ideal if located on side or back wall of undersink cupboard.  Requires a minimun height of 45 cms if attached to the wall to allow removal of housings for cartridge change. Width is 34 cms and depth is 19 cms.


4 Stage Reverse Osmosis

Stage 1: Sediment Filter

Stage 2: Pre Carbon

Stage 3: Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Stage 4: Post Carbon Filter

Optional 5th Stage*: Mineraliser OR Pi Alkaliser (one or the other, not both)

*extra charge

This system quietly and automatically produces pure water and shuts off when tank is full without wasting water. The unit comes complete with an 8 or 11 litre stainless steel storage tank, which incorporates a food grade bladder to store the pure water prior to use.
When required, pure water is drawn from the storage tank and receives a final polish from the Purestream chemical reduction cartridge just prior to drinking, ensuring only the best tasting, pure drinking water for your good health.

  • US made QMP standard 10" (9 3/4") Housings, Independently tested TEST REPORT TT993-B and certified to Australian Standards AS349
  • 75gpd genuine Filmtec TFC membrane providing 300 litres/ day, plenty for a large family!. Click for contaminant removal specifications.
  • Pressure gauge to monitor incoming water pressure and cartridge life.
  • Choice of 8 or 11 litre stainless steel water storage tank - TAKES APPROX. 1 -1/2 HOURS TO FILL TANK!
  • 1 -2 micron pre filter,  5 micron Omnipure chlorine removal pre filter and Omni inline Coconut Carbon post membrane cartridge.
  • Fully assembled and comes with full installation and service manual, 5-year warranty and choice of inline / dishwasher and flexible hose  installation kit.
  • LOW WASTE - Membrane flushing service mode eliminates contaminant build-up to ensure pure water with a waste ratio of 1 litre of pure water to 1.5 litre of waste.  MORE INFO ON WASTE RATIOS
Manufacturer Omnipure
Description Removes 96% - 98% Fluoride The Purestream Premium unit has a 1 litre pure water to 1-1/2 waste ratio and includes Membrane Flushing Service mode to maintain purity. Includes 300gpd Dow Filmtec membrane. Installed under the sink the Purestream Premium 4 stage Reverse Osmosis quietly delivers a unlimited supply of pure sparkling Fluoride Free Water. RECOMMENDED OPTIONAL 5th STAGE:* Pi Alkaline Water Filter, to remineralise, alkaline and oxygenate water for optimum benefits. See Alkaline Water Filters OR REMINERALISER* - for those wanting just minerals, including Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Selenium and trace minerals.
System Size 42H x 35W x 17D cm
Service Life 12 Months/ 3 800 Litres
Replacement Cartridges CP-ROUS

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  • 5

    Posted by Dylan S on 7th Mar 2019

    Very satisfied with the product. We are now drinking fluoride and chlorine free water :D

  • 5

    Posted by Lisa T. on 22nd Feb 2019

    This is the second system for my second place. I've been very happy with this product and cannot recommend the quality of water enough. Oh, plus they are made in u.s.a!

  • 5
    Great filters

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Jul 2017

    Easy installation, good service but most import water quality very good like the water from where I am come from..Italian Alps!

  • 5
    RO Filter Upgrade

    Posted by Chris on 16th Jun 2017

    We have had an RO system for many years, sold and serviced by a local supplier.
    The Water Filters Australia system appeared to be a good product, well supported for DIY installation and maintenance.
    Our experience to date has been very positive, with useful pre-sale information, efficient product supply, good after sales support and most importantly, good quality water.

  • 5
    Clean Water

    Posted by Russell Collins on 2nd Jun 2016

    Filter was very easy to install with the colour coding of the pipes. Everything is working well and producing clean filtered water.

    Delivery was a bit drawn out as there was confusion on one carton due to an old consignment note being left on the package.

  • 4
    Three times lucky

    Posted by Peter Fakler on 29th Jan 2015

    I'm very happy with the system now that I managed to stop the threaded tank connection from leaking with some plummer’s tape.
    It’s been running smoothly for two weeks, when I got an invitation for this review. (Half a lifetime yet to go...)

    I’m glad I upgraded to the three-way tap. (I like it better than the tap we had before in our rental place, which will go back in once we move house.)

    Be warned that you will have to drill a little hole in the sink’s downpipe, or figure out another way to get rid of some waste water coming out of one of the little plastic tubes. I like the idea of the tubes being color-coded.

    The instructions are adequate, but could do with a good editing.

  • 5
    BEST Water Filter System Ever

    Posted by Alicia Constable on 15th Aug 2014

    12months ago when I was looking for a good quality affordable water filter system for our house, I started to lose hope after coming across so many pushy sales people and dodgy websites. Thankfully, I can across WaterFiltersAuatralia and have absolutely ecstatic and proud to say that my family and I have never drunk so much water in our lives.

    The water is so soft and knowing that whilst the reverse osmosis system has removed all the unwanted chemicals in the water, the alkaline system pits so much good stuff back in, everyone who comes over to visit agrees its amazing.

    Also love supporting an 100% owned Australian company and a quick phone call connects you to the helpful boss herself, I sincerely cant stop raving.

    Great price, easy to install, excellent support and delicious water...what more can u ask for?

  • 5

    Posted by Ryan on 14th Aug 2014

    We are loving the reverse osmosis water filter. The filters were easy to install and we can really feel and taste the difference already. The water is a joy to drink.

    After talking to you on the phone and perusing your website I found that the decision to purchase the filters with you an easy one, the service has been fantastic, and the obvious quality of the filter systems makes us happy with our choice.


    Ryan and Kirsty